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CM-2500C Portable 45/0 Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta Sensing’s CM-2500c is an industry leading 45/0 spectrophotometer. Traditional 45/0 spectrophotometers are subject to fluctuation in measurement results, particularly when measuring the color of uneven and textured surfaces. The CM-2500c is designed with an advanced optical system to achieve the highest level of stability. This makes the measurement of textured, curved, matte, and glossy surfaces light to dark in color, consistent and repeatable.

The CM-2500c provides a higher uniformity of illumination, which results in higher correlation to visual evaluation. This optical system delivers more accurate readings by distributing light equally throughout a sample to capture the entirety of its color. Fluctuations in measurement readings are minimized even when the angle or position of the instrument changes, making the CM-2500c Spectrophotometer the instrument of choice for automotive interior parts, coil coatings, plastics, paint, packaging, and raw material applications.

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