To measure light radiation’s spectral characteristics, Instrument Systems optical spectroradiometers are the instruments of choice. Instrument Systems has a variety of optical spectroradiometers to meet any user’s needs or budget. Instrument Systems Spectrometers mainly measure UV-VIS spectroradiometry, luminous flux, LED production and LED radiation levels. More importantly, they provide these measurements at a fast rate, gathering data very quickly and efficiently. A number of models come with innovative features that allow the systems to be used universally in a broad range of applications and functions. These systems conveniently change into spectroradiometers when users attach absolute calibration and optical probes. It’s critical that these units maintain a high degree of accuracy and quality in order to return precise calculations of colorimetric, photometric and radiometric data through the built-in software. For these and other reasons, Instrument Systems continues to expand the leading edge of technology by committing the majority of its Research & Development work to this field.