LGS 1000 Goniophotometer

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LGS 1000 Goniophotometer

Analyze the angle dependent spatial radiations properties of large SSL lamps and LED modules with the new LGS 1000 goniophotometer or goniospectroradiometer. The LGS 100 is capable of measuring LED modules up to a length of 1900 mm and weight 50 kg. The LGS 1000 has a much simpler setup for measuring path due to its Type C design and horizontal optical axis. This makes it far superior than complex mirror goniophotometers and it still maintains impressive dimensions of 1850 x 1492 x 1798mm.

All spectral quantities like color temperature, color coordinates, and even color rending index determined as a function of angle when using the LGS 1000 with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems. By using an Optronik DSP Photometer, C-plane measurements can also be carried out quickly.

The LGS 1000 features a sample plate for fixing the test specimen and the LGS controller. It also comes with accessible steps for easier mounting of test specimens. The LGS Controller comes integrated in a large 19” rack and displays the angle while driving the servo motor. If necessary, it can also show the measured values in candela or lux.

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  • Type C goniophotometer for specimens up to 1900 mm in diameter
  • Accessible steps facilitate mounting of samples
  • Accurate determination of luminous intensity and luminous flux
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
    • Optional luminous flux integrator


LGS 1000 Goniophotometer
CIE goniometer type Type C with horizontal optical axis
Driver Servo motors
Angular range C axis ± 180° with reset switches
Angular range Gamma axis ± 170° with reset switches
Resolution of the angle encoder 0.01°
Reproducibility C axis ≤ 0.1° (at rated load)
≤ 0.2° (at max. load)
Reproducibilty γ axis ≤ 0.1° (at rated load)
≤ 0.1° (at max. load)
Angular speed C axis 5°/s to 50°/s selectable (16 speeds)
Angular speed y axis 5°/s to 30°/s selectable (16 speeds)
Travel range Z axis 50 to 500 mm via hand crank (integrated measuring scale in mm)
Clear height 1005 mm
Sample table
Maximum sample size 1700 x 1050 mm² or 1900 x 620 mm² (in each case for symmetrical mounting)
Rated load range 0-30 kg
Maximum load range to 50 kg
Sample table
Functions Driving the servo motors of the goniometer; display of the angle positions; optional display of measured values for the Optronik photometer
Interfaces to 50 kg
System setup Separate 19″ rack 33 U (dimensions of rack: 1650 x 552 x 600 mm)
Power supply and max. consumption 230 V; approx. 2000 VA

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