LumiSuite Software

LumiSuite Software

With the LumiSuite software, Instrument Systems has developed a comprehensive software platform for display characterizations based on X,Y,Z images taken with our spectrally enhanced imaging colorimeters LumiTop 2700 or LumiTop 4000.

With its wide range of measuring functions, the LumiSuite software is perfectly suited for display characterization in production lines as well as in R&D labs. The software development kit (SDK) ensures easy and flexible integration in typical processes of automated display production lines. For applications in the laboratory, the user-friendly and comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) offers flexible tools for a variety of different evaluations.

Besides the main tool set, named SmartAnalysis module, two additional modules for specific tasks are available: The BlackMura and the Multipoint Correction plugin.

The SmartAnalysis module offers a wide set of analysis tools for general characterization of 2D images:

  • Spotmeter
  • Grid of spotmeter
  • Line profiles
  • Histogram
  • Luminance and color uniformity
  • Focusing aid (slanted edge method)
  • Image statistics
  • Determination of defective pixels

Moreover, it comes with a variety of preprocessing tools as, e.g. auto cropping, binning, Moiré removal, etc.

The BlackMura module guides the user through the Black Mura and uniformity analyses in accordance with the latest version of the official standard UMSfD (Uniformity Measurement Standard for Displays) used by the German automotive industry.

Directional display non-uniformities in luminance and/or color often require a relation of the measured data to the display performance under perpendicular view. Here, and in any other cases where reference data need to be considered, the Multipoint Correction Tool can be used to determine and subsequently apply correction images to the measurement results.

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