MAS 40 Spectroradiometer (Discontinued)

MAS 40 Spectroradiometer

Smaller in size but not in ability the MAS 40 mini-array spectrometer is a very versatile measurement instrument ideal for applications in research and development as well as industrial quality control. It effectively meets Instrument Systems’s strict spectroradiometer requirements. The MAS 40 is designed for cost sensitive projects requiring absolute measurement of light radiation. All Instrument Systems LED Measurement Accessories are compatible with the MAS 40 by using a fiber optic cable. This enables any user to unlock the full capabilities of this instrument.

Special adapters for LED measurement are also available for the MAS 40 and can be connected directly to the spectrometer. The LED Station is a particularly cost effective turnkey system because it works without fiber optic cables fiber adapters. Read more about how these two measurement systems work together by reading additional information on the LED station product page.

Another cost-sensitive feature that makes the MAS 40 a good value is that it does not require a dedicated power supply, as it receives all its power from the USB port. This makes it extremely useful for mobile applications requiring equipment portability.

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