Spectro 320 Spectrometer (Discontinued)

Spectro 320 Spectrometer

Born from the innovative Fast-Scan Technology, the Spectro 320 combines quick and accurate measurements with high dynamic range. A feature rich system, the Spectro 320 is extremely flexible and infinitely applicable spectrometer. A fully equipped Spectro 320 comes with 3 detectors and houses 3 gratings, covering an enormous spectral range from 190 to 5000nm.

This instrument is available as a single or double monochromator (Spectro 320D). The double monochromator configuration makes the best use of the Fast-Scan technology guaranteeing short acquisition times in association with high wavelength accuracy. It works because the diffractions gratings of both monochromator stages are mounted on the same rotating axis eliminating synchronization errors.

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