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CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

BOLD (Brian Orter Lighting Design) founded by Brian Orter in 2008 is an award winning lighting design firm in New York City. Brian Orter holds 20 years of experience in the lighting design industry establishing himself while attending College at Purchase in New York. BOLD is a small company of 16 employees that takes on lighting projects all around the world. Their team’s extensive experience covers, but is not limited to, lighting design for hotels, restaurants, residential, public spaces, corporate headquarters, museums, retail, theater and special environments. BOLD believes that the personality of an environment is born in the concept phase and lighting is integral to the form and the function of a space.

When it came to measuring amber turtle lighting and defining the color and CRI of the overwhelming amount of LED products, BOLD’s instrument of choice was Konica Minolta’s CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer. They use it mostly in house to test samples, however, on site they use it to measure exterior lighting, art lighting and to verify their calculations. They typically seek color temperature measurements and CRI Values. A major benefit BOLD found from using the CL-500A was quality control. By seeing the individual R values and color spectrums, they were able to avoid a lot of trial and error. Using this meter, BOLD is able to quickly weed out poor light sources from good light sources.

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