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LS-100 Luminance Meter Testing Monitors for the Israeli Government

Alfred Poor is ready for anything thrown his way in the display industry. For more than 22 years, he was a Contributing Editor with PC Magazine and was their first Lead Analyst for Business Displays. Over the years, he was directly responsible for developing the test protocols for all of the display products tested in the highly-regarded PC Magazine Labs, from monitors to projectors covering a range of technologies including CRT, DLP, plasma and LCD. He is also a Senior Member of the Society for Information Display, with an international reputation in the display industry.

He was delighted when the Israeli government and key members from the Ministry of Finance turned to him for help and guidance in purchasing new monitors for general use by their information workers. They wanted Alfred to develop the scope and protocols for the testing the monitors, and then to perform the testing after bids were submitted. For the most accurate testing of these monitors, Alfred turned to Konica Minolta Sensing for the right equipment.

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