Case Studies

Color Correction For See-Through Displays

Optical See-Through Display (OSTD) is a transparent digital display that simultaneously gives access to the digital content and the real world objects behind it. OSTD is quickly becoming a reality for major industry players such as Epson, Lenovo, Samsung and even Google. These companies have started producing displays for the consumer market.

The major problem with OSTD is color constancy. Color constancy is defined as the ability to perceive the colors of objects, invariant to the color of the light source. In the case of OSTD’s, the light from background objects blends with the light originating from the display which causes a color blending problem. Color blending negatively affects the legibility and color coding of digital content which compromises the general usability of these devices. Control over colors is essential for any display, especially with a see-through display which aims to increase one’s vision of the world using digital information. There have been many studies performed which confirm the negative effects of color blending with OSTD in content legibility.

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