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TelevisionInfo.Com: Testing HDTVs

Like all of the websites in the family, at we test HDTVs using a rigorous set of scientifi c methods, using the same tools and techniques that the manufacturers themselves use to test their own products. Rather than just looking at an ad hoc set images and videos on the screen, we perform an in-depth quantitative analysis using advanced instrumentation and professional tools that look at the performance of the HDTV, determining how the display produces on-screen images in extreme detail. While other sites watch a couple of movies and discuss how grizzled the hero looks in a particular scene, we determine via extensive measurements and data analysis the true extent of the color gamut, examine the transfer function for all of the primary colors (as well as white), determine how accurately the color temperature of the whites is maintained over the entire luminance range, and examine how the display scales lower resolution video sources to appear on the screen. And that’s just some of the testing we do, which is described in greater detail below; we also evaluate the remote control, the speakers, documentation, the ease of use, and all aspects of display performance and picture quality and accuracy.

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