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Shade & Shape: Making Sense of Color, Light, and Form

If, as Dr. Raymond Soneira insists, we are in one of the most exciting periods of display technology, then he is arguably the era’s most important advocate. And his enthusiasm for our measuring technology makes Konica Minolta one of the principal figures in this hi-tech renaissance!

Dr. Soneira, founder and president of DisplayMate Technologies, observes the display industry with an uncompromising eye toward accuracy. His company produces proprietary test patterns that are used by manufacturers, test labs and hundreds of publications worldwide for testing and evaluating display hardware – to the extent that DisplayMate has become a widely accepted industry standard. His selection of the Konica Minolta CS-1000 Spectroradiometer for in-depth analyses was well documented in a series of articles published last fall in a number of magazines and online publications. In the articles, Dr. Soneira describes his in-depth comparison of CRT, LCD, plasma and DLP (digital light processing) display technologies.

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