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Penta Studiotech

With the growth of LCDs in today’s market, precise and accurate color and picture in displays is extremely important. One such company, Penta Studiotech LLC, prides itself in creating and manufacturing high performance broadcast LCD Monitors and Broadcast Electronics. Founded in 1987, Penta is one of the few European companies that have been able to establish a remarkable global reputation. They provide the world’s most comprehensive and impressive range of Broadcast LCD Monitors to the market.

Penta remains proud to provide broadcast professionals with the very highest industry standard equipment at very competitive prices. They provide monitors that are used in many major broadcast companies throughout North America. Penta’s HD2line Series Monitors are specifically designed for all applications in the area of professional broadcasting. They are suitable for a wide range of Reference and Mastering applications including Studio production, Master Control, Post Production, High End Editing and much more. In the field of professional broadcasting, repeatable and precise color reproduction is essential.

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