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Food Industry Color Control

When it comes to food, color and appearance are the most important first impressions, even before one’s olfactory sense is tickled with a pleasing aroma.

This point is illustrated in the famous Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, loved by children and adults alike. Throughout the book, the relentless character, Sam-I-Am, pesters a nameless skeptic to taste his green eggs and ham dish. While the lesson from this story is to not reject things just because they look different, it also shows the reality of how resistant consumers are to trying “off colored” foods.

In today’s retail world of behind-glass, chilled, frozen, boxed, dried, and plastic wrapped foods, eye appeal is far more important than nose appeal. Both fresh and processed food producers know this well, and are increasingly adopting instrumental color measurement technologies and practices to control color better across a wide range of applications.

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