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INAX Corporation: The Color Quality of Tile

INAX Corporation was founded in 1924 and is now Japan’s leading manufacturer of tiling, building materials, sanitary fixtures, and residential fixtures. Particularly for tiles, INAX is the world’s largest tile maker and distributes these products that play a variety of roles in our daily lives to customers throughout the world.

INAX has been using Konica Minolta Sensing’s spectrophotometers for many years, and the replacement of previous products with the latest Spectrophotometer CM-700d provided the opportunity for this application note.

For this report, a visit was paid to the General Technology Research Laboratory of INAX. In this laboratory, the master colors for each product are measured and compared to the design color samples created during the design stage. In Spectrophotometer CM-700d is used to determine the colorimetric values of the master plate. In other words, the colorimetric values measured here become the standard values for the product colors.

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