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Light Meters for Sustainable Lighting Design

Clanton and Associates, Inc. is an award-winning design firm that specializes in sustainable lighting design. The firm has been committed to environmentally sensitive design for over 33 years. Founded in 1981, Clanton and Associates has participated in over 3000 design projects of all types and sizes. The firm’s diverse portfolio of work includes: interior and exterior lighting design projects, the development of local and national lighting standards and criteria, lighting master plans, and lighting analyses, audits and visibility research.

In order for Clanton and Associates to provide the highest quality interior lighting design services that focus on aesthetics, energy-efficiency, and the integration of electric light with daylight and architecture, they rely on Konica Minolta Sensing light meters. The light meters are used to gauge the accuracy of calculation methods, to assist with novel calculation and assessment methods, and to provide information for analyses. “Our project performance and reputation depends on using reliable and accurate tools, including Konica Minolta meters,” says Nancy Clanton, President and Founder of Clanton and Associates.

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