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Sony: Maintaining Display Accuracy and Consistency

The next generation of professional display technology is here. Sony’s new OLED displays are designed to redefine professional master monitoring technology. The new reference-grade BVM-E Series incorporate groundbreaking processing and imaging capabilities designed to give digital production professionals a true replacement for CRT (cathode ray tube) in critical evaluation monitors.

The new monitors deliver full HD resolution OLED panels with 10-bit drivers and use a newly developed Sony Professional Display Engine. The monitors range from general performance models to models used in very critical content analysis. The TRIMASTER EL™ lineup is refined with its new EL (electro-luminescence) displays, expanding the capabilities of Sony’s TRIMASTER® technology. This maximizes the full performance capabilities of professional flat-panel displays to deliver higher levels of color accuracy and color reproduction, precision imaging and consistent picture quality.

In an effort to ensure the highest level of accuracy and clarity for their display monitors, Sony uses Konica Minolta Sensing Americas for the most effective solution. Using Konica Minolta’s CS-200 Chroma Meter, CS-2000 Spectroradiometer, and CA-310 Color Analyzer, Sony was able to simplify the alignment of their professional monitors. The CS-200 and CA-310 were used to align Sony’s BVM, PVM, and LMD series of monitors while the CS-2000 was used for engineering. More specifically, the CA-310 was used for monitor alignment in Sony’s QA areas while the CS-200 was used for field calibrations and installations. Konica Minolta’s instruments measure the color and luminance values that are adjusted for monitor calibration, such as white point, color gamut, dynamic range, EOTF and uniformity.


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