LumiCam 1300 Advanced (Discontinued)

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LumiCam 1300 Advanced

The LumiCam1300 Advanced was designed to further the measuring accuracy of the LumiCam 1300 Colorimeter, particularly when analyzing the complex characteristics of today’s displays, panel graphics and dashboards in the automotive sector.

The LumiCam 1300 Advanced features 6 optical filters and uses an optimized algorithm resulting in more accurate tristimulus values. Two additional filters (K’, L’) are used together with the four filters of the LumiCam 1300 Colorimeter (X’1, X’2, Y’, Z’). Its patent-pending procedure provides extreme accuracy for measurements of color coordinates making it the instrument of choice to achieve optimal measurement results for color and narrow band LEDs.

The LumiCam 1300 Advanced can capture the luminance and color distributions of screens or multifunction displays within seconds. Each of the 1370 x 1020 detector pixels of the high-resolution CCD Sensor is assigned a calibrated luminance and colorimetry value. The captured 2D image can then be analyzed inside the sophisticated software at any time.

Unlike traditional spot meters, the Lumicam 1300 Advanced provides substantial time savings by quickly capturing the entire device under test and allowing for multiple measurements inside a single image. This is ideal when testing multiple devices for quality control.

The included LumiCam software can provide comprehensive analysis including, but not limited to pseudo color, multiple spot analysis, complete character analysis, line profile, and 3D luminance maps.


  • 6 optical filters
  • Maximum precision for LED light measurement
  • Flexible operating modes to fit all measuring needs
  • Simultaneous recording of an entire image, e.g. a complete control panel
  • Short measurement cycles and simple setup of intuitive pass/fail criteria for use in production environments
  • Integrated image processing functions permit new methods of analysis


LumiCam 1300 Advanced
Effective pixels 1370 (h) x 1020 (v)
Measurement range 0.0001 bis 100,000 cd/m²
higher values with optional density filters
(density 2 and density 4)
Photometric measured parameters Luminance, luminous intensity, contrast
Colorimetric measured parameters Color coordinates x, y, and u’,v’
Dominant wavelength
Color saturation
Correlated color temperature
Linearity +/-0.5 %
Luminance accuracy for standard illuminant A +/-4 %
Luminance accuracy for LED color light +/-2 %
Accuracy color coordinates for std. illuminant A +/-0.003
Accuracy color coordinates for color light +/-0.003
Accuracy color coordinates for LED color light +/-0.005
Dimensions 275 mm x 120 mm x 175 mm
Weight 3kg

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