LumiCam DLL & LabVIEW Driver (Discontinued)


If you need custom software to control your LumiCam 1300, Instrument systems has developed a LumiCam DLL and a driver for LabVIEW. With this software and driver, LumiCam instruments can be connected into measurement set-ups and used in combination with other devices. Instruments Systems also provides sample software programs in a number of programming languages.

Remote control of the camera functions and providing analysis of measurement results is what the LumiCam DLL does best. To accomplish this the LumiCam DLL the entire range of routines for calculating colorimetric and photometric values. Access to the analysis tools present in the LumiCam laboratory software is included.

The LumiCam DLL extension corresponds to the LabVIEW driver. This makes the DLL functionality available in the form of a LabVIEW VIs. To help with adopting this type of programming sample VIs are also included.

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